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The Aqua Trainer

The Aqua Trainer was imported from Germany; it is the only one like it in the United States. Unlike other under water treadmills in the US, the Aqua Trainer is unique in design. It is the largest above ground under water treadmill, with features the others don’t have, making it safer, and more effective. The Aqua Trainer’s size enables the horse to work in much deeper water, thus allowing for more buoyancy. It has a front current, inhalation steamer, side water jets, underwater camera, heart rate monitoring system, and a DVR burner for recording sessions.

The Aqua Trainer is an excellent rehabilitation and conditioning tool for the equine athlete. It offers a full body exercise session, without the concussion and strain of riding. Buoyancy is the key to giving range of motion back to an injured athlete. The horse can work at various water levels and treadmill speeds, depending on the type of injury, or conditioning desired. When low impact is required, the horse can be made more buoyant with deeper water. The cold water, along with the compression of the water, decreases filling, heat, and inflammation in the legs. The resistance of the water enables the horse to work his top line along with other muscle groups. The horse uses the same muscles used when riding, unlike traditional swimming. The horse works in a rounder form helping to develop the muscles over the shoulders, back, and hindquarters. Traditional swimming does not allow this, as the horse inverts his back to swim. The Aqua Trainer can speed up recovery time, and is also ideal for conditioning horses. Working in the Aqua Trainer encourages symmetrical development of muscles, which improves the horse’s straightness and gait. The Aqua Trainer improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, and range of motion.

The Aqua Trainer is not only larger than other underwater treadmills, it boast features the others don’t have. If a more demanding workout is desired for a horse needing conditioning, it has a front current. The front current creates more water resistance, so the horse has to work harder.

The Aqua Trainer can also act as a cold water salt spa. It has side water jets, which create a whirlpool, and massaging action. Sea salt can be added to the cold water to create a solution that acts as a hypertonic poultice, as well as having natural healing effects on wounds. Water density increases with salt concentration, which in turn increases pressure, which aids in the dispersal of fluid and waste. The result is a reduction in inflammation and pain.

In addition the Aqua Trainer has the option of a steam inhalator, for treatment of the upper respiratory tract. Essential oils can be added to improve the natural physiological state of the mucous membranes – to prevent them from drying out and to allow the natural defense mechanisms of the respiratory tract to play their part. The steam helps thin any discharge, and aid in drainage. Very good for horses with allergies or sinus irritation.

The Aqua TrainerThe Aqua TrainerThe Aqua TrainerThe Aqua TrainerThe Aqua Trainer