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Elmhaven Farm is located in the rural New England town of Pepperell, Massachusetts, about 35 miles Northwest of Boston. Pepperell has a rich history as a farming community, and boast many beautiful horse farms. Elmhaven Farm is situated on a historic 1818 property, located in the Old Common of Pepperell. The property has been completely restored along with many improvements. A modern state of the art equine facility is now a part of this historic farm.

We offer an outstanding selection of imported and domestic horses for sale. We offer training of horses, specializing in starting youngsters. From ground work, to backing, to showing, we will start your young horse with solid basics.

Elmhaven Farm is also home to Elmhaven Equine Sports Therapy Center. EESTC is a premier equine rehabilitation and therapy center, dedicated to the recovery and conditioning of equine athletes from all disciplines.

The owner Heidi Howarth has been passionate about horses her entire life. She has years of experience, handling, riding, competing, training and caring for horses. Horses have been a part of her life since she was seven years old. She has trained with some of the best horsemen in the industry; such legendary greats as George Morris, Olympian’s Anne Kursinski, Leslie Burr Howard, and Chris Kappler. Heidi has competed successfully in the Hunter, Equitation, and Jumper divisions at some of the biggest shows along the East Coast. This experience has enabled her to develop a facility that caters to today’s Sport Horses. She is dedicated to providing the highest level of care, best technologies, and the most experienced, knowledgeable, caring staff available.

Whether at Elmhaven Farm for training or at Elmhaven Equine Sports Therapy Center for rehabilitation or fitness, we’ll have a schedule tailored to his/her individual requirements, and will be maintained at the highest standards. Elmhaven offers a comprehensive training system and equine rehabilitation and conditioning program.
Please feel free to contact us for a farm visit or questions about your specific requirements.

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