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Sports Therapy Center

Elmhaven Equine Sports Therapy Center (EESTC) is dedicated to the recovery and conditioning of equine sport horses from all disciplines. If your horse needs specialized attention due to a recent medical procedure, injury, or needs conditioning, we can provide concentrated knowledgeable care and a controlled safe environment. We offer 24 hour care, and one on one attention from our experienced staff. We will work with your veterinarian and carry out every detail of your horse’s prescribed protocol. We will keep attending veterinarians and surgeons informed and schedule follow up care and rechecks as needed. If you do not have an attending veterinarian we will gladly assist you in finding the best veterinarian for your horse. All rehabilitation and conditioning services are supervised by your veterinarian.

We are passionate about the care of our horses, and have specialized equipment and facilities to help your horse heal and return to work.

Sports Therapy CenterSports Therapy CenterSports Therapy CenterSports Therapy CenterSports Therapy Center