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Welcome To Elmhaven Farm

Welcome to Elmhaven Farm we are an equine training facility that specializes in starting young horses, from ground work to backing to competing. We will start your young horse with solid basics, and good ground manners. Bring us your green baby and we will get him or her going under saddle for you. In addition we offer horses for sale, if you are looking for a sport horse, or we will sell your horse for you.

Elmhaven Farm is also the home of Elmhaven Equine Sports Therapy Center (EESTC). EESTC is a premier equine rehabilitation and conditioning center, dedicated to the recovery and conditioning of equine athletes from all disciplines. If your horse needs specialized attention due to a recent medical procedure or is recovering from an injury, we can provide concentrated and knowledgeable care. We will work directly with your horse’s veterinarian and carry out every detail of the prescribed protocol.

All rehabilitation and conditioning services are directed by your veterinarian. We have the equipment and facilities to help your horse recover and return to work. We offer 24 hour care and a safe controlled environment for your horse to heal. Your horse will receive one on one attention from our experienced staff.

If your horse needs conditioning we will work with both your veterinarian and trainer to develop an individual conditioning program.

Please browse our website, and learn more about our facility and services.
Please feel free to contact us for a farm visit or questions about your specific requirements.